Snow removal sidewalks driveway decks please call 434-363-2781 thank you God bless
Free removal of riding mowers push mowers weed eaters chainsaws and generators please call for 434-363-2781 thank you God bless
I have a small apartment that me and my 2 children share. I fought for 6 years to get them away from their drug addicted father and recently got full custody but they are opposite sex and their room is not big enough for 2 beds. I am willing to pay for a cheap bunkbed so they can share a room. I make slightly above minimum wage and will show any necessary documents to prove I am not just lookin...
Looking for a decent futon for my teenage son. preferably wood frame as the metal ones aren't very durable, but will take either.
I need a electric can opener a mixer a food processor a coffee pot a wok a bklender sheets pillowcase s bedding desperately needed some of these appliances would help with my cooking and slicing and blending for a disabled fibromyalgia senior women
For winter if you have extra a pair laying around and you don't wear let me know 11 and a half 434 363 2781 thank you God bless
I can pick up any old a broken riding mowers for free please text or call 434-363-2781 thank you and God bless same-day removal
recently seoerated from an abusive relationship, leaving me to care for 2 children 1 and 3 by myself. I've applied for everything i could and now it seems like a waiting game. i have a decent paying full time job to pay for a vehicle but having to abruptly move myself and children didn't leave me with much time to save any money. the transmission on my 3 year old car went out and could not affo...
Looking for a wood stove door, metal furnace door or brick oven door as a decorative piece to cover a spot in a chimney that used to be a wooden stove and has been filled with cement. Thanks!
I'm looking for bricks to finish a walkway. I'll come and haul them off for you. I need as many as 200 (but I'm happy to pick them up in smaller quantities).
I am looking for fresh/live bamboo stalks for a craft project. I need the stalk to be between thumb and wrist diameter. I would be happy to come cut it down if needed. Thank you.
I need a female mannequin for clothes display! Plz contact and I will be happy to pick up! Thank you